Due to Covid-19 delays, order arrival may take around 4 weeks. Email questions to abby@abbygarrett.com.

Covid Updates



Due to the Covid-19 situation, the following is very important to keep in mind when placing an order.

      • US orders may take 12-14 business days + shipping time to arrive.
      • In extreme situations when Covid cases are rising and there's a holiday rush, orders may take up to 1 month.  
      • If time-sensitive, I do not suggest ordering t-shirts less than 3 weeks out from the date you need it.  2 weeks for books and art.
      • Please be aware of information regarding returns, available via the link provided at the end of this page.


      • If Covid-19 is in a surge during a holiday season, I suggest not ordering print-on-demand items less than 1 month out from the date you need it delivered.  This is just to be on the safe side.
      • While Covid-19 is still in effect for the US, I do not recommend international orders be placed if they are time-sensitive in any way (example: a gift needed by a certain date).  The only exception to this is if the order is for a delivery address in Canada or if the order is placed 6 months or more in advance of the date required.  All other orders need to be placed with these limitations in mind, understanding that international shipping and border customs are highly impacted by Covid-19 and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.  Please also note that tracking is not available for orders outside of the US, so once the item is in the custody of border customs, it's untraceable.
      • Shipping from the US to most parts of Canada is still operating within normal limits (2-4 weeks on average).
      • Please note that all items except art and books are print-on-demand.  This means I do not keep inventory in my studio or handle the shipping of these items at all. 
      • The professional printing company in California that handles these items for me is world class and usually fulfills orders very quickly.  Many orders could be delivered within 5-7 days pre-Covid.  Since the pandemic, manufacturing, supply chain, and shipping speeds have been greatly impacted across the US.  Some factories are required to operate within certain restrictions (based on their location and other factors) that can result in some orders taking much longer to fulfill than before. This is somewhat unpredictable at the moment. In extreme cases, it may take up to a month for delivery, though many arrive within 2 weeks.
      QUESTIONS: email abbygarrettartVIP@gmail.com for all order questions or questions concerning a matter beyond the scope of what's mentioned on this page.
      • TIME-SENSITIVE:  If you a questions about an item or whether it can be delivered by a certain date, please ask BEFORE placing your order.  This includes holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions!  This is essential if you're ordering a print-on-demand item like a t-shirt.
      • If you are ordering a book, original art, or an art print and need it by a certain date, please contact me ASAP so I can help.  In the case of "studio items" (art and books), I have some control over speed and can help much more when it comes to shipping and fulfillment.  Just be sure to select the appropriate shipping speed at checkout, as that's something that usually can't be changed later.
      • If your tracking number has not updated with new info in a week, please email me ASAP so I can check with the post office or shipping service.  Email abbygarrettVIP@gmail.com.  Remember that international orders by default do not come with tracking.
      • Sizing information and other important details are provided for all items. Additional questions regarding size, etc. should be sent to the above email address.  The customer is responsible for reading all the information about the item before they place the order.
      • Please make sure the address information associated with your PayPal account or payment method is correct before placing an order.  Otherwise, time delays and other complications may occur.
      • If you did not originally read this post before placing an order for a print-on-demand item, please refer to the Return Policy page if you are not satisfied with either the item or the speed in which it was delivered.  The link is below and explains contingencies.  A lot of this info is also repeated on each product page.

      EMAIL ALL Questions/Concerns to:  abbygarrettartshop@gmail.com

      Details on other contingencies and the Return Policy can be found HERE.

      Please contact me if you have additional questions, concerns, or if your order is time-sensitive in ANY way.