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Return Policy


Please read the following return policy carefully, as it also answers frequently asked questions. A link to this article is clearly placed on every item listing. By placing an order, you are implying you understand and are agreeing to the following terms.  

• Returns & Exchanges are NOT accepted unless an error occurred on behalf of the manufacturer or seller, such as damage or sending the incorrect item. This is the summarizing statement of this entire page. Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted with photos to abbygarretturgent@gmail.com or help@abbygarrett.com within 2 weeks after the product has been received. Please include "ORDER" in all-caps in the subject line, either your order number or the name your order was placed under, and clear photos of the defective item.  Returns and exchanges for different sizes, colors, or types are NOT permitted unless there is a clear manufacturing defect.  Color examples and detailed size charts are included in every item listing so customers can make informed selections.  Customers are encouraged to ask questions by emailing help@abbygarrett.com before ordering if there is a concern.


• Order Changes - Order changes are generally not allowed unless it is regarding an art print.  Order change requests are approved or denied on a case-by-case basis, though changes for apparel are usually not allowed, as those items are processed by a third-party.  All sales are final.  Buyer's remorse and change of mind regarding an item are not accepted reasons for cancelling, changing, or returning any order.  If you realize you have made a genuine mistake, please contact help@abbygarrett.com (with "ORDER" in the subject line) as soon as possible to see if a solution can be found.  Depending on how far along the order is in the fulfillment process, a small restocking fee may apply and shipping charges may or may not be refunded or transferred.  For more information, see the "Selection Error & Return by Customer" section below.

 Wrong Address or Miscellaneous Shipping Error - The customer is responsible for providing the correct address information, including apartment or unit number when applicable, and choosing the correct shipping service/courier for their location.   If you provide an incorrect address or one that is considered insufficient, invalid, or incomplete by the courier, the shipment will be returned to the manufacturing facility. You must provide a correct address and will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed the updated address with you. It is recommended that you fill out the address section manually or double-check that your PayPal account is synced with the correct address. Any re-shipments after the package has been returned to sender will be at the expense of the customer.  Please note that some delivery services, like UPS, do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.  For information on International shipping, please see the last section of this page.


• Damage Regarding Art Prints: Prints have always been shipped in poster tubes from this website without any problem. This is the result of product testing that took place in 2015.  In addition, all hand-signed art prints are placed into the tube directly by the artist without exception.  The print may arrive slightly curved or rolled after removal from the tube (as a result of being in the tube), but is easy to flatten and will lay flat when framed.  Hundreds of prints have been ordered and successfully delivered in tubes without creases or other cosmetic defects.  If you would like advice for how to flatten a print or remove it from a tube, feel free to contact help@abbygarrett.com.

Creases, especially "permanent" creases or those that cause slight tear or discoloration in the paper will only appear if:  1) the tube is handled incorrectly during shipping (which would be indicated by obvious damage to the tube), or 2) due to recipient error if the print was removed it in a less than desirable fashion. The latter is the more likely scenario and customers are advised to remove the print as carefully as possible from the tube to prevent creasing or tearing. 

Refund or replacement requests for damaged art will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will only be considered if the recipient provides sufficient evidence (photos) depicting obvious damage.  If you require your print to be shipped FLAT in a box or any other specifics, please refer to the instructions included in each art print listing.  (Revised Dec. 2019)

• Damage Regarding Original Art:  Original art on large canvases is normally shipped via FedEx, with smaller, light weight art pieces sent via USPS Priority Mail.  A contractual agreement demonstrating mutual understanding of the terms is shared between the artist and customer for any art valued $500 or higher.  Customers are highly encouraged to purchase additional insurance for the package.  Most original art is packaged in such a way that it is suspended in the box by packing material without significantly touching any sides of the box.  This is extra protection from damage.  Shipping for original art can be quite expensive depending on weight.  You may have to sign for your package depending on the item cost, as most original art pieces are priced well over $100 and even $1,000.  Basic insurance is included and additional insurance can be purchased by the buyer if desired.  This needs to be organized beforehand, as soon as the art is purchased.  Original art is shipped directly by the artist and photos are taken of each side of the package prior to shipping.  Any claims for damage must be reported to abbygarretturgent@gmail.com within 24 hours of receiving the art, as indicated by the tracking number information.  This 24-hour period starts as soon as the package is scanned and declared "delivered."  Clear photos of damage to the art and each side of the shipping box are required for comparison. The shipping company will also be contacted regarding any images/scans of the box along its route. If it is determined by photo comparison that damage occurred after delivery, no refund will be issued. 

It is up to the customer to be present at the delivery address and sign/receive the package, arrange for a trusted person to do so in their place, schedule a delivery, or contact the courier and request the package be held at a pick-up location. Failure to do so is considered negligence, breach of contract, and will result in no refund for any type of damage whatsoever. A customer may be banned from future purchases if fraud is suspected.  Please see the other sections regarding shipping issues, lost or stolen packages, loss prevention, filing a damage claim, and general return information, as they apply to original art.

• Damage Regarding Apparel:  If an apparel item (such as clothing) arrives damaged or defective, the customer is automatically eligible for a replacement and should contact abbygarretturgent@gmail.com with photos of the item immediately, as there is a time window for returns.  If the item seems to become damaged due to defect (such as unusual tears, a hole appearing at a seam, or unraveling stitches) within the first 10 days of owning it, the customer may qualify for a replacement. Detailed photos of the damaged/defective item are required for consideration.  Damage that has occurred and been reported in a time period beyond 10 days since the item was delivered will not be considered for replacement or refund.  


• Damage Regarding Anything Else:  Contact abbygarretturgent@gmail.com with photos of the damaged or defective item immediately, as there is a certain time window of eligibility for returns and replacements.


• Shipping Type or Speed Selection Error - The customer is responsible for providing the correct address information and for selecting the appropriate shipping speed, options, and carrier based on their preferences or needs.  Shipping services cannot be changed for apparel orders and changes are generally not granted for any items.  However, if you notice you made a mistake right away, email help@abbygarrett.com or abbygarretturgent@gmail.com with "ORDER HELP" in the subject line.  Please do so as soon as possible or within 12 hours of placing your order.  If your order only consists of in-studio items, such as books, patches, art prints, or handmade items, we might be able to change your order or shipping selection.  This is not guaranteed.  Restocking fees or additional shipping charges may apply.

• Unclaimed Packages - Shipments that go unclaimed, aren't picked up by the customer for whatever reason, or are returned to the manufacturing facility or studio (origin) will result in the customer being liable for reshipment costs. Refunds are not issued for unclaimed items. It is ultimately the customer's responsibility to provide correct address information and collect the package. If you are away during the estimated delivery date (which is provided after checkout or via email update), please make arrangements with someone you trust to receive the package for you or contact the carrier to schedule a delivery. You can also request your package be held at a specific shipping location, like your local post office. Depending on which courier or shipping service selected (in addition to package size, value, mailbox type, weather conditions at the time of delivery, and a number of other factors), the courier may leave your package at your doorstep, in your mailbox, at a front office in the case of an apartment, or at your gate, etc. This will likely be consistent with how orders are normally delivered to you. In some cases, the courier may choose to reserve your package and leave a note on your door with instructions for how to claim the package if you are not available to receive it at the time of delivery. Information provided by the tracking number will update with each delivery attempt and will reflect data concerning whether or not the package was claimed. 

• Stolen or Misplaced Packages - All domestic shipments come with tracking numbers and a GPS location is recorded each time the item is scanned by the carrier. This GPS coordinate is only recorded by the shipping service for liability reasons in order to track package location. This is the case with all tracking numbers and online orders, regardless of carrier. This means if your package was successfully delivered, the carrier will be able to confirm the GPS location and time of delivery with the tracking number. Customers are responsible for their packages upon delivery. Refunds, exchanges, and replacements are not issued for items stolen, damaged, or misplaced after delivery. 

Sometimes packages are dropped off at the incorrect location by mistake, such as your neighbor's house.  If the tracking number for your order states "Delivered" but is not at your home, check with your neighbors and call/visit your local post office with the tracking number in hand (go to a FedEx or UPS location if selected). They will be able to tell you where the last GPS ping for the item was and can verify whether or not it was dropped off at the correct location.  If you suspect your item has been stolen, consider notifying your local police if you feel it's appropriate.  See below for information on optional package insurance.

• Lost & Undelivered Packages - Tracking numbers are provided for all domestic shipments. For any packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted within 3 weeks after the estimated or projected delivery date. Tracking data will be reviewed. Refunds will not be issued for claims made later than 4 weeks from the estimated delivery date, so it's important to contact abbygarretturgent@gmail.com (with "LOST ORDER" in the subject line) as soon as you realize the package is over a week late.  See below for information on package insurance.

• Package/Item Insurance - Some shipping options include insurance up to a certain dollar amount.  For example, USPS Priority Mail covers up to $50.00 USD in loss or damages and additional insurance may be purchased for higher amounts if needed.  It is up to the customer to select that shipping option if they wish.  

• Selection Error & Return by Customer - Orders are not refunded for buyer’s remorse or errors. If you believe you made an error or selected the wrong item, contact abbygarretturgent@gmail.com immediately to see if this can be corrected before the item is shipped by the manufacturer. Size charts are provided with every item listing as well as type (Adult, Men's/Women's/Unisex, Youth/Kids, Pre-School, Toddler, Infant/Baby, etc.) and it is the customer's responsibility to review that information carefully before making a selection. In most cases, size exchanges are not permitted, but it doesn't hurt to ask just incase. 

• Notification for EU & International Customers: According to Article 16(c) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the right of withdrawal may not be provided for the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized, therefore the seller reserves rights to refuse international returns at their sole discretion.


• INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  While international shipping is available for certain items in this online store, it is generally not recommended for items other than apparel. This is strictly due to quality control, tracking, logistical, and customer service-related reasons. I usually do not allow international orders due to complications that may occur at border crossings or regarding US Customs.  There is no way to estimate how long an item will be held by Customs before being shipped to another country and it is very difficult to track an item throughout that process. 

International order requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you placed an international order that may carry some sort of risk, you will be contacted by me or my assistant immediately or refunded with an explanation.

The only exception is Canada, as I have never run into problems shipping over the Canadian border and calculate shipping charges are usually accurate. Canadian orders are usually fulfilled without issue. 

Information Required for International Shipping:  1) Full Name,  2) Full and correct mailing address,  3) Phone Number, and  4) Email Address.  Please include these items in your shipping information or include as a note attached to your order.  I must have a phone number or email address at least to complete the Customs form and send your item.  Please include both if you can.

Again, if you would like to place an order for non-apparel items that requires shipment outside of the United States or Canada, please contact me before or immediately after placing your order so that I can give you an accurate shipping quote, cover this information with you, and gather required information for the Customs form.

For further questions, please contact help@abbygarrett.com or abbygarretturgent@gmail.com.