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Crew Demo-1 Tribute Mission Patch Magnet

Crew Demo-1 Tribute Mission Patch Magnet

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SPECS: 2.25x3" Commercial Crew Demo-1 Mission Patch Magnet. 2 1/4 in width wide and 3 inches in length.

DESIGN: This design is a tribute to the SpaceX Crew Dragon program and celebrates the first demo launch of Crew Dragon (V2) for crew certification.  

STRENGTH:  This is a thin fridge magnet type of thing with the average magnetic strength of a regular ol' fridge magnet.  You can put it on your fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, on a metal desk, your locker, etc.  I would not recommend this as a car magnet, though I do know someone who drove across the country with one they put on their Tesla Model S and had no problems.

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