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Apollo 12 50th Anniversary Commemorative Patch

Apollo 12 50th Anniversary Commemorative Patch

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Apollo 12 50th Anniversary Commemorative Mission Patch


The first 50 patches are signed and numbered 1-50 out of 50 (#/50). The numbered patches sold out in less than 8 hours. A second batch has been ordered and every patch will be signed.  Available now!

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo program and Apollo 12 in particular with this Limited Edition commemorative patch designed by professional space artist Abby Garrett.  The patch design is inspired by the original Apollo 12 mission patch, but with a few special details that pay homage to Astronauts Alan Bean, Pete Conrad, and Dick Gordon.  
  • The Apollo 12 Astronauts were in the Navy, which is represented by the gold and blue color scheme.  White accents and outlining adds dimension and slight differentiation from the original patch.
  • Apollo astronauts drove custom Corvette Stingrays called "Astrovettes." Astronaut Alan Bean came up with the color scheme of the car, metallic gold and black.  Unlike the Apollo 11 crew, the Apollo 12 crew all had matching Astrovettes.  These Astrovettes are featured racing each other around the Moon in place of the Yankee Clipper (the ship on the original patch) as a personal tribute to the astronauts meant to imply playful curiosity, a sense of adventure, and bravery.  Each car has a trail of either red, white, or blue (the colors of the U.S. flag in the order we normally list them) and crew last names are embroidered in each trail.  The incorporation of Astrovettes in this patch is inspired by the 2018 colored pencil tribute portrait titled Alan Bean: The Original Starman by Abby Garrett.
  • Part of the Naval Hymn is embroidered in white near the bottom of the patch.  "Save All Who Dare the Eagle's Flight" isn't just lyrical in this case, but also included metaphorically, referring to the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle.  It implies wishes for a safe mission as these Astronauts travel to the Moon and back in their Command Module Yankee Clipper, like the Apollo 11 astronauts in Eagle.
  • There is one star for each astronaut who flew on this mission (Bean, Conrad, and Gordon).  The fourth star is in honor of Clifton Williams, an astronaut originally assigned to the Apollo 12 mission who died in a plane crash before the launch.  This is the same symbolism as the original patch.
  • The year of launch (1969) and the 50th anniversary (2019) are parallel to one another on the patch's shiny gold border.
  • Revised lunar surface detail compared to other versions of the original Apollo 12 patch.
  • SIZE: 4.5" in diameter
  • This patch is professionally embroidered to the highest standard by a NASA-affiliated company.
  • The copyright watermark is for website purposes only and will NOT appear on the actual patch.
  • The first 50 patches are SIGNED and NUMBERED!!!
  • You can choose to have the patch personalized with an inscription on the back for a customization fee. This option is available via the dropdown menu next to the Add to Cart button.


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Info specifically for pre-orders, not valid after November 14, 2019
The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 12 mission is November 14, 2019.  Given that everything runs smoothly with production and shipping, my hope is to have these patches in-hand and ready to ship to buyers no later than November 14th.  However, unforeseen circumstances out of my control may occur that cause delay.  All pre-order customers will be updated on expected shipping and delivery dates, plus any delays if necessary.  Ideally, my goal is for pre-orders to arrive at each person's address by the Anniversary date (November 14th) because that's way cooler.  I will shoot for that goal if possible.  Here are the details, benefits, and price guarantee associated with pre-sale orders, or orders made during production and before the patches are delivered to my studio:
  • Pre-Order price guarantee is valid until November 1, 2019.  Those who pre-order this patch in any quantity will receive it at a significant discount. The price goes back up to normal on November 1st.  
  • If for any reason production on this patch cannot be completed or if orders cannot be shipped by December 20, 2019, all orders not fulfilled will be fully refunded.
  • BONUS!  All pre-orders come with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and special packaging.
  • BONUS!  Each pre-order (individual or a bulk/multi-item order) comes with one special collector's item at random.  This could include:
    • Stickers, original or numbered sketch cards, buttons, magnets, wristbands, rare trading cards, other patches, art prints, books, web store coupon codes, t-shirt discounts, and more.  This offer is just for pre-orders and is very limited in quantity.



The first 50 patches SOLD OUT in less than 8 hours.  Patches ordered beyond this quantity (50) WILL be signed and still come with a COA, but are not numbered and do not come with the Pre-Order Bonus items listed above.  However, you can choose to either purchase this patch signed by the artist/designer or signed AND personalized (please provide the name in the order note section of your purchase). Delivery time is the same.

If you have an urgent issue or question that needs a response within 24 hours, please email abbygarretturgent@gmail.com.



 More photos will be posted as soon as the patches are in-hand.


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